Teen Latina Squirts while getting creampied

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Teen Latina Squirts while getting creampied
THE MISTRESS FINDS A FIANCE: Being completely infatuated, Peter couldn’t get enough of her sex, so she had to stay late nearly every evening and service his needs.

Four hours after Mark’s cock had been in her pussy celebrating their engagement, Peters big boner was in that same cock receptacle, plowing the hell out of it and then shooting a big cum load deep inside of her, with an earthy, dominating curse of raw sexual pleasure.

Simultaneously, as a dedicated, big dicked, woman user, Peter was crudely enjoying making her explore all aspect of his dirty sex fantasies as he more and more treated her like a wanton porn star, both mentally and physically.

Their turned on masters finally ended the marathon sex session by putting the two women, side-by-side, in front of Peter’s desk then bent them forward at the waist until they were both face down on the desk top with their tits flattened against the hard, cold wood.

The three of them had a wild time of it, including a maximum of girl-on-girl sex, including 69’ing while Peter went round and round plunging his cock into any exposed orifice he wanted to, while the two females devoured each other’s bodies and the occasional creampies Peter made, until they were virtually exhausted.

The request hadn’t come as a surprise to her because, during the sex session they’d had with Tim and Raquel, she had seen that Peter loved watching her get screwed, almost as much as he liked screwing her himself.

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CLIENT’S PARTY GIRL: That session with David had worked out so well, both sexually for Peter, and financially for the firm, by sending home a very happy, empty balled client, that Peter quickly evolved it into a weekly, no holds barred, two men on one girl sex party, to which he invited, one at a time, his firms very richest clients.

These sex parties also appealed very much to Peter’s voyeurism, giving him the chance to watch her superb body in the hands of a different man every week, getting used like a high-dollar call girl.

After three months of performing at these threesome sex parties, she could attest to the fact that the sessions were accomplishing what Peter wanted, she was now playing the sophisticated slut for him, big time.
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