Teeny Arianna seduced, stripped& fucked

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Teeny Arianna seduced, stripped& fucked
Slowly building herself, then she couldn’t hold back and she began plunging those two fingers in with something close to ferocity, her fingers quickly become slick with her own juices she slid a third in for good measure.

The girl’s finger was replaced with a pair of lips which fiercely kissed her own.

The tips of her fingers brushed a warm, moist, area of body which she could only assume was the other girl’s vagina.

Her fingers erected and the girl slid down on her fingers, her body pressing down on Arianna’s, their lips met and their tongues danced around one another as the girl slid her own fingers.

Arianna shuddered with an incredible pleasure as she felt a girl enter her.

The other girl suddenly went rigid and gasped and Arianna felt waves of pleasure wrack the girl’s body as she shuddered on top of her.

As the fingers moved every faster, Arianna could feel an orgasm building, it was an incredible feeling, beyond anything else she’d ever experienced.

The girl sucked ferociously on Arianna’s tongue, preventing her from crying out, high heel clad legs splayed wide with the mystery girl’s hair tickling her face and shoulders Arianna began to scream silently.

Arianna could feel pussy juice seep down her left hand and onto her leg.

Her back arched and she sucked viciously on the mystery girl’s earlobe as waves of pleasure crashed through her body.

Juice seeped down and into the bed sheets but Arianna didn’t even notice.

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Then as the last of her juices slipped out of her and her body began to return to rational thought, and in the back of her mind Arianna wondered how she was ever going to walk home.

Arianna could only lie there, breathing heavily as her the effects of her orgasm began to wane.
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