The couple filmed their anal sex

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The couple filmed their anal sex
A short time later we were back in North Street and I noticed a couple of Asian teenagers hanging around on a street corner.

Within seconds the boys were sitting either side of her on the back seat kissing and groping my wife’s hot luscious body through the material of her dress and underwear.

Louise closed her hands over the big hard cocks through the material with one hand on each squeezing the head. Suddenly her pale fleshy udders were tumbling out of the corset top and Louise giggled loudly with delight as she watched and then felt, first their brown hands, then their lips devouring her tit flesh, kissing and sucking at them repeatedly.

“Oh yes!” Moments later he lay back on the chair and I watched as Louise leaned forward before wrapping her hot painted lips around his big thick cock as she began playing with it with her mouth.

Suddenly the teen that she was sucking grabbed the back of her head to stop her! “Shit, Man! Don’t make me cum before we even get started Bitch!” He exclaimed as he pushed her away from him aggressively.

The teen at the front looked at his pal and then back at her as his smile disappeared.

He roughly grabbed the back of her head and hair and literally forced his swollen cock back into her mouth and began to set the pace, pumping his hips, with his hand on my wife’s head he was practically fucking her face as he pulled her hair.

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The chubby teen knelt behind her again and she could feel the warmth of his breath on the back of her neck.

He pumped his hips back and forth ramming his hardness as far as he could get it inside then pulled out making the friction almost unbearable as Louise gasped and moaned.

Her cheek reddened as she looked over to me and then back to him while he stroked his big cock inches from her face.

Suddenly he grabbed her hair again and shoved his overflowing cock back down her throat as she felt his Asian Teen cum fill her hot mouth.

As we arrived back to where we had picked them up I told the guys to get dressed and once Alan had stopped the car I ordered them out.
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