The filthiest gloryhole video I’ve ever seen

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The filthiest gloryhole video I’ve ever seen
“…That’s only four?” I asked, watching her do the filthiest thing I had ever seen a girl do (but not the filthiest I would see).
“No, it’s more like…seven or eight, I lost count after awhile. I swallowed three!” she said, pushing two fingers inside of her hole with an obscene squelching sound, scooping them out with another large wad of cum that she also immediately swallowed.
“Holy-” I started to say as she shoved them back in, this time pulling them out and pushing them right into my mouth. I swallowed, feeling obliged.
“OH, wow, that’s fucking hot,” she said, and spread her hole open so i could see how used she was that day, “want more?”
I easily slid my tongue inside of her open fuckhole, getting her to hold it open, and wrapped my lips over her whole cunt, sucking hard enough to hurt as the rest of the mess inside fell into my mouth. I swallowed hard and sat up.
“That was unfair. I worked hard for that. Now you have to give me more.”
I grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking on it hard to pull her over to my side of the bed, and grabbed around her waist to flip her over at the same time, shoving her shoulders down against the mattress. I pulled my arm from around her waist and pushed it between her legs from behind, lifting her ass into the air roughly with my palm covering her soaking wet mound, having to press with the tips of my fingers above her pussy somewhat hard to keep my hand from slipping off. I then hooked my fingers underneath the waistband of her panties and yanked them down, still keeping a tight grip on her hair as I pulled them under her knees and off of her ankles. I rubbed the thin, soaked, stained cotton against her pussy hole, trying to cover them in the remaining cummy mixture.
“Hey, not so rough.” she said, attempting to roll over to her back again. Without hesitation, I immediately yanked on her hair hard enough to hurt, she yelped a little, but calmed down and didn’t complain otherwise. At the same time, I roughly shoved 2 fingers into her hole, covered with the panties. I began feeding the soaked fabric into her open cunt until only one of the sidestraps was left outside.
“You’re weird!” she exclaimed.
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