The full movie of the girls in the dormitory became lesbians

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The full movie of the girls in the dormitory became lesbians
A moan caught his attention, and as he silently took a last step towards the door, he could see a girl, lying on her back on Cherrie’s bed.

He opened the door just little more, and was presented with an even better view into the room, no, there was no one else present, so where was Cherrie? “Who cares”, John decided smilingly and decided just to enjoy the show, which men would ask for a third lesb, if he was watching two already! He could feel his dick’s pulsing, hell was that a sight! As he still wondered where his roommate might be, he was pushed out of his thoughts by a loud scream escaping the licked girl, accompanied by a sudden muscle movement, the first girl came, loud and hard.

After some minutes, the girls on the bed shifted positions, clearly they were on it for quite some time now, for the pungent smell of girl cum lay heavy in the air, and as the former-licking girl rolled over, he got a clear view on the first’s cunt, her swollen lips, dripping with her own juices and her shiny pink little friend was red.

A soft mourn escaped the now receiving girl, winding in pleasure.

John couldn’t see what exactly she was doing with it what he did see were the consequences that this special attention had on the second girl, her breathing started to catch speed, and as John could see, enjoyed.

The humming tone of the vibrator was fading as the girl started to moan seriously, for now the lover’s hand sank below between her girl’s thighs, until suddenly the hum disappeared.

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At once, both of the girls jumped, surprised by the interruption.

Her breasts were delirious as ever, and the fact that she had a completely bold pussy completed the picture of a hot, sexy girl loving slut.

“Never sneak on girls without permission!” they yelled in unison.
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