The girl shows her body in front of the camera

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The girl shows her body in front of the camera
As we drove he played with my tits and pussy and I played with his dick that I pulled out of his pants.

Jim said: “Judy baby you just had your first orgasm. Did you like it?” She said: “Daddy that was like nothing I every had before, does that happen every time?” Jim told her: “Baby girl it can and does that was such a thrill to give my baby doll her first orgasm. Was it OK in your behind?” “Oh Daddy, I never thought anything could go in there, but now I want more and both of them at once.” “Sweetheart, I will be happy to please you any time you want.” He pulls the dildos out and spins her around and gives her a lover’s kiss while massaging your young firm pointy breasts, whose puffy nipples are sticking straight out and hard.

The calls for him to hold still and also for her to do the same until his dick wilts and slides out of its own accord.

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Judy said: “Nancy is this what I think it is, that two of us could stick it in us and we could both fuck each other with it?” “Nancy looked at it and said yes you are right but I don’t know what it is called.” Joannie said: “Girls I think we should really try these out. How about Judy and I use the two ended thingy and Nancy, you try out some of those dick shaped ones. We should also put a dick shaped one in our asses too. I will grease up your butts and put them in before Judy and I do the other thing.” So Judy and Nancy bend over with Joannie sitting on the bed with tubes of lube nearby.

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The camera gets his dick withdrawing with cum on it and then cum dripping out of her pussy.
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