The good daughter sucks

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The good daughter sucks

Becky comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard, she then straddles Ben and inserts BIG FELLA inside of her pussy.

Ben continues to suck on her pussy as Jane rides like a champ.

Joy straddles Ben’s face while Jane washes BIG FELLA and gives him a tug and hands him over to Kelly who begins to suck on him until he is hard.

“Do you want to leave your husband?” Ben asks “I have no where to go. We rent the house and barely can afford that with the jobs I get. He does not work at all” Karen says “What if I gave you a way out. Would you press charges against him? Your daughter’s have been keeping a pretty good accounting of the abuse. My friends on the police force know about your husband and the abuse. The District Attorney guaranteed me that you would be successful in getting him locked up. Has he just hit you and not the girls?” Ben asks “Are you giving me a way out? I would if I had some place to go and be able to take care of my children. He has just hit me not my kids” Karen tells him.

Jennifer gets on Ben face as he starts to suck on her pussy, Jane sucks BIG FELLA until he is hard she then gets on top and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy.

In the morning Ben gets up with Peggy sucking on BIG FELLA. “Mmm, Master is awake girls” Karen says as she leans over and kisses Ben on the lip.

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