The Hottest Doggy You Will Ever See

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The Hottest Doggy You Will Ever See

Judy moaned long when he caressed her wet pussy playing with her clit until she was about to cum.

Judy lay on the table tied secure, blindfolded leaking cum from her pussy.

Judy clinched her ass cheeks and pussy lips at the unwanted touch of his cold nose to her private parts.

Rebel ignored her command and licked her pussy hard and fast with his long tongue trying to get all the cum and pussy juice he could.

Bad bad boy! No Rebel you can’t fuuuuuuck meeeee! Aaheeeeee! She screamed as his cock found her pussy hole and drove balls deep with his hot hard eight inch cock.

In front of him was his neighbor lady, the most beautiful sexiest middle aged woman he had ever seen, tied to a low table on her knees, legs tied spread, arms tied to the front legs of the table with a long belt holding her torso against the table top, blindfolded and her cum leaking pussy exposed so invitingly.

Being young Jeffery’s first piece of pussy he did not last long and rammed deep held still and shot his young load of cum in her cunt.

Rebel licked her pussy and ass clean and went back out the back door.

Go away, Rebel !!!! NO MORE!!!! Judy screamed at the top of her voice when Rebel rammed his long hot hard cock balls deep in her sore pussy.

Her scream turned to moans and grunts when he fucked in and out of her sore pussy forcing his knot in her tender, sore, sensitive, pulsing cunt.

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To her surprise she felt another huge orgasm racing through her body with his hot cock and knot working on her pussy clit and G-spot eliciting grunts and moans from her lips.

Well Danny you tied me, fucked my pussy, my mouth and left.

Rebel came in after you left licked my face, ass, pussy, ass and fucked my pussy dumping a load of cum in me and forcing me to a killer orgasm.

Then some unknown man came through the back door fucked my pussy shooting cum in me, pulled his pants up and ran out the back door saying nothing.

A few minutes ago, I think since I passed out and have no idea for how long, Rebel came back for another run at my pussy and fucked me unconscious.
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