The husband brings a black man to his wife for sex and shoots and provokes himself

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The husband brings a black man to his wife for sex and shoots and provokes himself
Without any compunction about it at all, Claudia leans over toward Victoria and checks out her breasts before announcing: “You’re not going to get a beer at that rate, Iowa. Pull that sweater thing off…I’ve got a ripped up t-shirt that’ll be better for the Sooz anyway-then you can change back later.” Self-consciously Victoria slips out of her cashmere sweater and folds it in her lap before receiving the wrinkled and tattered Misfits shirt from Claudia.

“Look man, that’s our friend-let her out of the booth and we will fuck off” says Claudia, who then looks to Victoria and says “Get out here, Iowa. We’re grabbing Sam and bolting with these Beta Kapps-there’s a party back on campus and we won’t have to stay sober to drive.” Claudia and Sylvia, already feeling the effects of the X, have trouble focusing on the lout with Iowa and are easily pulled away by their own male companions who are temporarily sated-not stupid-and much more sober than either girl.

With the drift of her friends towards the door, Victoria feels a profound sense of worry and foreboding slip into place around her, just as Tyrus’s hand settles on her thigh, below her short skirt-“Don’t worry Victoria, we wouldn’t let a couple little fuckwads like those bother you.” “But those girls are my friends, and I came here with them and with Samantha, and I have to leave with them because I can’t get back to campus without them” Victoria blurts out in a bright burst of hope that maybe if she explains the reality of the situation, Tyrus will let her run after her friends.

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Leaning close to her, forcing her to recline somewhat against the large form of Brick, Tyrus whispers, “You shouldn’t hang out with such whores. They’re bound to get you into trouble. I can tell you’re pretty innocent. But believe me, Victoria, when we’ve done, they’re won’t be much you don’t know.” With the last of these words echoing in Victoria’s head, Tyrus pushes his tongue back into her mouth while simultaneously plunging his hand beneath her skirt.
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