The Perfect Girl on Girl Massage Session

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The Perfect Girl on Girl Massage Session
Lydia arrived at her third massage appointment with a sense of determination.

If the latter happened, she had to admit that she would miss the jet tub! The kind receptionist handed her a glass of champagne without being asked, and Lydia swilled it with more urgency than class.

Soon Olivia left the room, and Lydia quickly stripped down.

Lydia quickly turned and laid on her stomach, pretending that she was just getting on the table when Olivia entered, and thereby giving the woman an excellent view of her nudity.

“Oh, I’m sorry Lydia, I thought you were ready! Should I come back in another minute?” Lydia shook her head and smiled, “It’s fine. If you could just help me with the sheet?” “Of course!” the other woman hurried over and grabbed the edge of the sheet, pulling it over Lydia’s bare bottom and back.

Olivia started her massage, but Lydia was too tense to enjoy the woman’s ministrations.

“You are way too tense, Lydia,” the other woman admonished softly as she started manipulating Lydia’s ass.

“You need to relax.” Lydia bit her lip against a groan as Olivia’s skillful fingers weaved their magic over one of her newly-discovered erogenous zones.

Her oiled hands slipped between Lydia’s thighs, just barely caressing her labia.

“Relax, Lydia,” Olivia murmured the words softly as she pushed her hands against the trembling woman just a little more firmly.

Olivia must have sensed her hesitation, because she said gently, “You don’t have to tell me now. If you decide to do it, request the at-home session on your way out. If you decide not to, you don’t need to explain. In the meantime, your hour is up. The bath is ready if you’d like to freshen up before you leave.” Olivia gave Lydia an almost wistful look, then slipped out the door.

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Lydia sat on the massage table for a couple of minutes, her thoughts swirling.

Lydia’s hands roamed her body and became Olivia’s, stroking and caressing.

Her eyes never leaving Olivia’s, Lydia arched her back out of the water, making sure her breasts were in perfect view.
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