The young girl fucks a schoolgirl

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The young girl fucks a schoolgirl

Jenny’s kneesock-wrapped legs visibly shook with the intensity of her climax, and her pussy juice flowed freely into her teacher’s hungry mouth.

Mr. Lewis quickly slowed and stopped his stimulation, allowing Jenny to bask in the warmth.

Jenny spread her legs even wider, allowing him to thrust the full length into her.

The two lovers fucked on the desktop, Jenny smiling as the teacher pounded her cheerleader pussy.

Jenny dropped to her knees and clamped her lips around Mr. Lewis, jerking him with one hand.

With her well-honed cock- sucking skills, Jenny’s vacuum-cleaner mouth and her dancing fingers quickly worked her teacher to the breaking point.

“Happy birthday, Jenny.” “How much?” Jenny asked.

“Including Greg’s fee to shoot the event.” Jenny smiled.

“Two rules. First, no blowing your wad with my daughter tonight. It’s Jenny’s night, and Angie’s job is to get you guys hard if you want her to, but that’s it. So if she’s giving you a blowjob, don’t shoot your wad – save it for Jenny.”Second rule is no cumming in Jenny’s pussy or asshole.

We’ll clean you up after each round of guys goes through, okay?” Jenny nodded with a smile.

“Yeah, I’ve got another cheer uniform in the car, along with a couple of school outfits,” Jenny told him.

” “Jenny, why don’t you slip your shoes off and stand up on the bed for some dancing?” he suggested.

Jenny looked stunning in her little cheerleading uniform.

Just a few seconds later, he shimmied up next to her head and aimed his cock at Jenny’s open mouth.

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I’m gonna decorate that pretty face of yours, okay?” Jenny nodded and smiled as he frigged himself, flopping a stream of jizz down her forehead and down the side of her nose, then another across the tip of her nose and onto her bottom teeth, where it dribbled into her mouth.

“Very nice,” Jenny commented, as he climbed off to make room for others.

” “Let’s go, guys,” Jenny encouraged naughtily.
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