Their College System is Unmatched

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Their College System is Unmatched
“You have been at it for almost 7 hours. And Erin is really looking forward to this; she has worked so hard for you.” I had no idea! It seemed like I had been in my office for only an hour or so, not 7 hours.

“As much as I would love to sit on that beautiful cock of yours and have you fill me up again,” she said while looking at my now straining cock and licking her lips, “It would not be fair to Erin.” I looked at her and sat amazed.

As the sensations swirled around inside my head from our kiss I started wondering what it was going to be like with Erin.

Erin had all of the lights out in her room except for her black light and the cool little desk lamp she had picked up in Spencer Gifts in the mall.

Holy shit did she look good! As I took the last step necessary to reach the desk Erin uncrossed her legs and brought her feet up to the edge of the desk top, spreading her legs wide open in the process.

Erin gasped loudly and bucked her ass up and down so hard that my head popped free from in between her legs.

Erin let out a loud gasp when the head of my dick pushed hard against her cervix before she began grinding herself against me at the speed of light.

Erins’ legs around my waist and her arms around my neck held her firmly in place as I stepped over to her bed and lowered her down.

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As soon as her back was firmly on the bed and my weight came down between her legs, Erin had me in a very passionate kiss.

Erin quickly unlocked her ankles and spread her legs wide apart, holding them open with her hands behind her knees.

Erin almost froze in place as I slowly started to slide back in, moving at less than half the speed at which I had just been moving.

Erin let out a sudden gasp as she was instantly filled the rest of the way.

Erin wrapped her legs and arms around me again as we rested, savoring the blissful moment together.

The last time I looked at the clock it said 2:18 in the morning before I drifted off to sleep with Erin laying on my chest and my hard dick stuck up inside her.
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