They also enjoy looking at the shapely body

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They also enjoy looking at the shapely body
There were many reasons why we can’t just ‘be,’ but looking at Dan, thinking about Danielle, our physical attraction and spiritual connection there were many more reasons why we should.

Danielle looked up with smudged mascara around teared eyes; she choked as she spoke, ‘oh Liam, you mean it?’ I moved close and put my arms around her, ‘Yes,’ I whispered, ‘You are a very special girl, Danielle.

Not the hug of infatuation, but the hug you give when someone you’ve loved finally comes home.

‘Look at me,’ she sniffled, ‘my makeup is ruined.

Danielle looked me over from head to toe with a smile in her eyes and finally rested her gaze on my manhood standing at her attention.

‘Hey, everybody loves a sharp dressed man, right?’ ‘Undressed man,’ she corrected me.

She looked up in my eyes and smiled a silent permission.

Damn, I love watching her move! She looked me seductively in the eyes, got on the bed on all fours and crept cat-like, in a slow circle.

She remembered how I loved her heels and left them on.

The next few minutes were pure lover’s satisfaction as I made Danielle squirm and wiggle and squeal and moan as if she’s never been pleased like this before.

Her hips began to rock, ‘oooh, daddy, this feels so good, I want to cum, daddy!’ I stopped licking and reached up to play with her tits.

3, 4, 5, 6 ribbons; I kept stroking her until she collapsed in a soft heaving heap of feminine love.

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I have never cummed that hard, thank you, daddy! I love you, Liam.’ She whined between breaths.

She looked at me and said, ‘Liam, love me,’ then sheepishly, ‘just be gentle.

‘ I dabbed more of her cum and rubbed it on her hole, the sensation made her clit jerk a little, like it was being shocked back to life.

‘ I slowly eased in, Danielle sighed with satisfaction, ‘oh yes, Liam, that’s it, this feels so good! Mmmslowlyin and out, sweetheart, that’s it.

Danielle shook and squealed, ‘I love it, Liam! More!’ I chowed down on her and felt her squirm against my tongue.
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