They are brothers and sisters

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They are brothers and sisters

“You didn’t know it was real money for the last two weeks. You made two and half-million.” Shaking Kathryn said, “You mean you trust me that much.” I pulled her close before I said, “Of course I do. It’s only money. You’re far more important to me. Family is what’s important to me, money isn’t all that important to me.” Shyly Kathryn asks, “JJ, am I family?” I pick the words carefully not wanting to frighten her.

“Kathryn, love of my life. Would you do me the great honor of being my best friend, my partner, and my wife?” Kathryn is always the playful type she asked, “What do I get out of it?” Even though her eyes are saying yes I know she’s negotiating our partnership.

Her eyes go wide seeing the ring, Kathryn’s mouth drops open in shock and then she screams, “Oh my God that’s it that’s the engagement ring I saw.” Kathryn grabs me and pulls me into a passionate kiss, after we break I ask, “Would that be in the premonition you had the first time we kissed, when you saw the ring?” Her eyes go wide as she shakes her head reluctantly yes.

“JJ you’re a billionaire, don’t forget I’m your personal assistant and I’ve been watching your accounts for you.” A little surprised I say, “Really I guess I’m been making you work harder than I had thought.” Giggling mom says, “That’s right you slave driver.” Kathryn walks to me hugging me tightly she says, “We got to go tell my parents.” Mom says, “Hang on a second I want to get the video camera.” As we are walking into the Edwards’ yard Kathryn is wrapped around my arm which is not an uncommon sight.

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The Coach says, “Seeing that ring on your finger I guess you said yes Kathryn.” Kathryn bubbling with joy replies, “Yes, Daddy I did say yes. I also said yes to becoming his partner. He taught me how to trade stocks on the Internet. In the last two weeks we’ve made two and a half million dollars.” Rubbing her shoulder I say.
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