They have a party! Girlfriend is crying under heavy pressure!

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They have a party! Girlfriend is crying under heavy pressure!
You push yourself forward again, grinding the mound of your sex against the soft leather of the padded cushion on the wooden stool.

You grab at the stool legs to keep from falling forward over the top and find yourself trapped; not wanting to fall but not able to push yourself back up.

You feel my breath on the back of your neck, warm and moist, as I kiss you there tenderly.

The feeling is exquisite, and you close your eyes again, losing yourself in the sensuousness of it, so much so that you hardly feel it as I loop the third piece of rope around your ankle and fastened it to the stool.

You feel my lips on your body once again as I began to kiss you with tiny, light pecks.

My hands reach the tender backs of your knees and I push them apart, forcing them to the outside edges of the stool legs.

You pull up hard against each of your fetters with all of your strength, pulling yourself into the padding of the stool, intensifying the feeling of the restraints, of being held tightly, as much as possible as the orgasm rips through you.

You feel the next wave build in intensity, and you close your eyes again.

The stool slips forward once again but stops suddenly, short of its usual distance.

The foot of the stool stands against the lip of the next stone; one slightly higher than the one the stool is on.

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As you are looking at this, your eyes half close, a slight smile on your lips, as the wave continues to heighten, you feel the stool move forward again, but the foot remained where it was; trapped against the higher stone.

Instinctively you raise your hand to catch yourself if the stool actually does fall over, but the movement is cut short by the rope around your wrist, holding you fast.

You hang limply, unable to move and feel my hands on you again, higher up, nearer your hips.

You gasp, first in relief as you feel yourself being brought back from the edge, and then again as you feel me enter you.
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