They suck together !!

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They suck together !!
Elliott said, “Why is your dad cool with me and you fucking Chris?!?” “Cause me and him fucked last night! And it was amazing, and I told him that I might be gay and he said he supports me!” Responded Chris.

“Ok now I’m going to suck on you and when I’m done you’ll suck me! Then you’ll fuck me in the ass, and I’ll fuck you in the ass!” “Ok can we do some other things too Chris?!?” Asked Elliott.

Then Chris kissed his way down Elliott’s body to his dick! Then he got to his dick he kissed it and Chris put Elliott’s dick in his mouth and started sucking his dick.

“Ohhhh cum Elliott cum! I wanna taste your sweet cum!” Responded Chris.

Chris coughed choking on Elliott’s cum! Then Chris said, “Ok now it’s time for you to suck my dick!” “Ok come here than!” Responded Elliott.

“Ohhhh cum Chris cum! Cum in my mouth and put several loads down my throat!” Said Elliott.

Then Chris got on Elliott and started bouncing up and down! “Ohhhhhhhh Chris bounce on my dick! Bounce boy bounce! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck yeah! Keep going Chris you’re already making me cummmmmmmmm!!!!” Said Elliott.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah Elliott cum in my ass! Cum hard in my ass Elliott!” Responded Chris.

Then Elliott got on top of Chris and started bouncing on his big dick! “Ohhhhhhhh Elliott bounce on it! Damn you’re so fucking sexy Elliott!” Said Chris.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck cum Chris cummmmmmmmm!!! Ohhhh yes I want it deep in my ass! Come on Chris show me how gay you are!” Said Elliott.

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Then Chris came inside Elliott’s ass! “Ohhhhhhhh Chris that was nice! Now it’s time for a 69!” Said Elliott.

“Ohhhhhhhh Chris suck my dick suck it!!!! Ohhhh yes I’m about to cum already!” Said Elliott.

Then Elliott came in Chris’s mouth and then Chris came in his dad’s mouth! “Ohhhhhhhh Chris! I love you son!” Said Alex.

Chris said, “Ok dad you got my dick again and you got Elliott’s dick! So now can me and Elliott be alone?!?” Asked Chris.

Then Chris kissed his dad on the lips and said, “Goodnight!” Then Alex left and Chris and Elliott cuddled up again.
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