Thick Blonde Asian Gets Fucked!

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Thick Blonde Asian Gets Fucked!
“No!!! Please!! Please!! Pleeeeaaaaaassssse!!!” Samantha squealed, twisting about in panic as Jalil went to the wall and began turning the metal lever.

“I’m-I didn’t know!! Please I swear I didn’t know!!!” Samantha screeched in complete misery as Jalil battered her bruised, aching breasts over and over with the whip.

“AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!! STOP!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!” Samantha squealed in total misery, after Jalil struck her scorching ass for the 20th time.

Samantha’s screams of pain as the Arab fucked her were so piercing that they filled the entire room and hurt Jalil’s ears.

“No please!!!” Samantha shrieked, her blue eyes bulging in fear as Jalil grabbed the whip again.

“Why?! What did I do?!” Samantha wailed once more in complete torture as Jalil lit into her burning tits, and then she simply began weeping in total despair.

“AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!” Samantha wailed, pulling at her bonds while Jalil beat her ass with the whip again and again.

“No!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha squealed, her eyes bulging in horror as Jalil ripped the leather strap across her small breasts.

Once again Samantha was a sobbing mess, and as Jalil reached down for her she screamed in fear and pulled away from him.

Jalil watched in bemusement for the next five minutes or so as Samantha did her best to please him.

“Oh my God please!! No more!!” Samantha begged, groaning in misery as Jalil lowered her back to the floor.

“Watch carefully! Remember how she is dancing!” Jalil growled down at Samantha.

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Samantha whined in fear and loathing as Jalil hauled her by her hair before flinging her toward the stripping area.

“No please!!!” Samantha begged, rearing her head back as Jalil pressed the monstrous head of his 9″ cock against her pussy.

Samantha closed her eyes and began weeping as she too felt Jalil’s dick twitching inside her vagina and flooding it with sperm.

“Noooooooooooo!!!” Samantha sobbed, looking at Jalil with the most beseeching eyes.

” “What do you mean?! I-I sucked him!! I sucked his dick like you told me to!!” Samantha shouted, shaking in terror as Jalil grabbed the whip.
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