Tila Tequila Lesbian Sex Tape

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Tila Tequila Lesbian Sex Tape
“Oh, Laura, why do you do it? Are you not getting enough sex with your lover Erica?” asked Alistair.

“Are you even wearing a bra, Laura?” asked Alistair.

In any case, Laura was distracted, as Alistair had pushed her legs apart again, and got his other knee in between them.

“What is with you today, Laura? Are you all right?” “I have a flu,” Laura mumbled.

Humiliated, Laura hurriedly re-buttoned her shirt, pulled her skirt back down, and fled his office.

The topic of porn stayed in Laura’s head, and by the time she returned to her desk she was thinking about the porn she had watched at the Mayim Clinic – women kissing, women licking.

Completely flushed with sex, and almost oblivious to her modesty, Laura dressed again, her panties now replaced with the tape, and staggered back to her desk.

Geoffrey hesitantly asked Laura if she was feeling okay, and Laura repeated her lie about having a flu.

Pull her clothes off, squeeze her big fake tits until she squealed, and then shove their big fat cock in her unprotected pussy and fill it with cum…. By the time lunch came, Laura knew what she wanted to do.

“Laura, are you okay?” “Fine,” gasped Laura, and gave him a hug to demonstrate how fine it was.

Laura could feel his cock twitching into erectness in his pants, a hard length deliciously close to her groin, and she smiled dreamily.

Luckily, no one seemed to have noticed, but Laura stll couldn’t believe what a slut she was being.

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Hours of teasing and slutty thoughts had had their effect, and now, in broad daylight, on a public street, Laura realised she was going to orgasm.

Her hips started to twitch, and Laura fell against the tree and lost control of her body.

Tits pressed against the tree, face flushed, hands barely able to hold her up, groin bucking uncontrollably, Laura must have looked like she was fucking the tree.

” The image of the plastic cock pumping each of those into Laura’s pussy, or into her mouth, almost overwhelmed Laura on the spot.

Back at the office, Laura once again headed straight for the toilets.

Laura had always enjoyed having things in her mouth, and in fact had not stopped sucking her thumb at night till the age of 13.
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