tribbing lesbians

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tribbing lesbians

Alena took a moment to admire her daughter’s newly developing body, with its form becoming more shapely, though still lacking the true curves that an adult woman had. The idea of making love to her 13 year old daughter seemed so desirable, with Emily’s little erect nipples and virgin pussy just there, in the middle of the kitchen, waiting for Alena to make love to.

Emily longed to touch her mother’s perfect body, to feel those breasts and, rather naughtily which sent another tingle around her body, to touch her mother’s pussy.

Alena then guided Emily’s middle finger into her pussy hole.

The naughtiness of the situation was not lost on Emily and her pussy had become so wet that now there was a steady stream of liquid flowing from her pussy, around her asshole and inner thigh and finally staining the sheets.

“Suck my tits!” Alena exclaimed, which Emily did with applomb.

After her orgasm had subsided, Alena asked Emily to come up again and noticed her daughter still had her pussy juices glistening and dripping off of her chin.
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