true love is

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true love is
I loved her and she loved me, but we both could never bring ourselves to admitting it.

“I love you, but just not that way.” I lied to her.

“Please Jake. Make me cum! Take me to an orgasm! Oh gosh! I love you!” Shayla screamed out for any listening to hear.

“Oh, I really love you Jake! Take me! Take me and make me your toy!” She said.

I truly in my heart at that point felt love and a yearning to be with someone who feels the same.

“I love you more than you can possibly imagine. I loved you before this whole thing and will long after. That was the most passion I’ve ever had and the best Orgasm I’ve ever had. I never have had Cock before. Oh Fuck!” She told me struggling to catch her breath.

“I’ve loved you since the day I met you. You are the only girl who’s broke through my shyness and took me this far. I love you Shayla! Thank you for making me say it!” She chuckled at my statement breathing steeply through her nose.

She was saying for me to come be her someone to care for her, someone to be near, and most of all somebody to love and be loved.

Maybe it was from the ecstasy of the time? No, it was simple: She loved me and I loved her and we had just proven that bond by our actions.

Remember: You can lust and fuck anyone, but to truly enjoy life and feel like you’ve truly done something right with yourself you need love.
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