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Tsundere Princess

Naruto paused at a fancy frame containing a photo of Tsume and, one of Naruto’s best friends since their Chunin preliminary battle, Kiba Inuzuka.

“Naruto! Youdidityoudidityoudidit!!!! You got me pregnant! We’re gonna have a baby! You’re going to be a daddy! Ohmygod I’m going to be a mommy!” Naruto sat in silence, his mouth hanging open in a comical way.

“Lady Tenten, what was the matter? Was there any reason for concern?” “It was morning sickness. I’m pregnant!” “Congratulations Lord Naruto, Lady Tenten. I am glad you have been blessed with such a gift.” Naruto still felt uncomfortable being called “Lord” by one of his best friends, or anybody else for that matter, but it was an honorific afforded all clan heads of the village.

“Naruto? How did you? Nevermind, just go please? I want to be alone right now.” “Hana, Kiba is worried about you and I am too. What’s wrong?” “Its nothing I can do anything about Naruto. Just go.” “Well it’s just you and me now Hana. Will you at least talk to me about whatever is bothering you? Maybe I can help.” He made a move for her and caressed one of her shoulders.

“Naruto I’m so sorry. I just can’t marry you. Mother has already proclaimed me heir to the Inuzuka clan.” Naruto slapped himself inwardly for forgetting that the Inuzukas passed control of the clan down to females only unless there were none to take it and Kiba had already voiced his reluctance to lead the clan.

“Naruto, we can still do it. Clan laws state that an heir must be unwed to any other clan but her own, but it says nothing of having to be pure at all. I can still have you Naruto, we just can’t get married!” Naruto looked down in contemplation.

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“I’m sorry, Naruto. You must think me so weak I didn’t know it would hurt so bad.” Naruto smiled and licked her cheek
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