Two Is Good Three Is Better 25

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Two Is Good Three Is Better 25
As expected, when I looked over at the man sitting one seat from my wife he wasn’t watching the movie any longer he was watching my wife and I. As I continued to rub and finger fuck my wife’s pussy she was bouncing around in her seat with her head back and eyes closed.

My wife attempted to stand up but I pushed her back down telling her that now it was my turn to have her, but I was actually getting so much enjoyment from watching her being fucked by a different man I signaled to one of the other spectators to step up and fuck my wife.

With my wife now held in place the second stranger started his assult on my wife’s pussy with his massive cock.

My wife heard the talk between the men and knew she was in for more fucking but it turned out to be more than she even expected.

After a couple minutes of being fucked in her ass my wife stopped moving and just laid over the theater seat taking the ass pounding.

One of them even had a cock almost as big as the second stranger that fucked her pussy but he was still able to get his cock all the way into my wife’s ass.

At one point it even seemed like my wife was enjoying the relentless ass fucking, but I couldn’t tell for sure.
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