Two Monsters One Mia Khalifa

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Two Monsters One Mia Khalifa
“I’m not some slut that just sleeps around all the time without protection. This is your baby ’cause you RAPED ME!” Now it was Stan’s turn to look around nervously, his instincts at first telling him to bolt-! But Mia’s voice hadn’t carried far, and the kids on the jungle gym and swings with their parents watching them were a good distance away, and no one paid attention.

Over the sounds of her gentle sobs, followed by pained moans, Stan gently pushed his cock into her ass, inch by inch until his shaft was in up to the base.

He kissed her, and they tongued each other as he gently fucked her ass, his hardened cock sliding in and out of her impossibly tight warmth.

He continued to push in and out, feeling his hot jizz come back to him as it drained out of Mia’s ass and drooled down his cock and onto her bedspread. Mia moaned into his mouth, her tongue pushing back forcefully yet lovingly against his own, acknowledging that he was her man now, even as he fingered her clit and she shuddered in orgasm as he came again inside her.

After nearly thirty full minutes of fucking her ass, Stan finally pulled out, his cock throbbing and shooting a stream of hot sperm onto her well-rounded backside.

Baby…you’re sucking for two now, so get on it, ma.” By the time Mia was done, Stan’s cock had become rock hard again and he came down her throat at least three times, his girlfriend chugging like a pro and not missing a drop.
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