Two Petite Jav Teen Schoolgirls Fucked By Fat Old Duffer Petite Butts

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Two Petite Jav Teen Schoolgirls Fucked By Fat Old Duffer Petite Butts
“Ooh,” said Hallie, noticing, “You shaved!” “Yeah, I saw yours and it… I dunno, it just looked really sexy, so I thought…” “Feels good, too,” Hallie interrupted, “doesn’t it?” “Ooohhh yeah.

Emily reached around and grabbed a big handful of Hallie’s little ass, the tips of her fingers buried deep between Hallie’s sudsy little butt cheeks.

“Ooh my God Hallie,” Emily breathed, “I think I… I’m gonna-” “Me, too, Em,” Hallie panted, “Please don’t stop, please.

“Actually, Hallie, why did you come back to school in the first place?” “Oh my God,” Hallie said, “I almost forgot!” before I could move an inch, she crossed the shower area and reached for the bank of light switches.

Hallie in turn licked up and down my shaft while Emily sucked the head. Then Hallie slipped down and ran her hot little tongue up the underside of my balls, giving them a good bath.

“Ooh!” Hallie said, “He likes it when you lick his balls, Emily!” Emily popped my cock out of her mouth, and Hallie took no time in gobbling it up again herself.

“Now Emily, why don’t you demonstrate what you’ve learned by licking Hallie’s pussy?” Hallie gasped happily and nodded her head. Emily looked excited and curious, but held back.

Hallie said, confused, “Emily, what are you doing?” Emily was no longer licking Hallie’s clit, but merely resting her head on Hallie’s thigh, oblivious, squirming and squealing at what I was doing to her.

“Oh, my god, coach,” Hallie said, “I am so gonna cum! Please don’t stop!” “Me too, coach,” said Emily, “I’m about to cum!” I watched as she took Hallie’s hand, and the two of them began kissing as Hallie’s orgasm struck first.

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The view of Hallie’s pussy was obscured by Emily’s head as she sucked and teased Hallie’s clit, but her naked legs rose from below Emily’s face and hair to kick and squirm in the air, her toes curling, thighs spreading and closing, knees bending and straightening.

Hallie looked up at me from beneath Emily, and when our eyes met, we had the same thought; Let’s really blow her mind! As Hallie resumed licking her clit, she reached down with both hands and began tweaking Emily’s stiff nipples.

” “Mm,” said Hallie, her hands going back to my chest, “You can see my titties any time you like, coach!” “Mine too, Mister J,” said Emily, “He’s right, Hallie, they’re really nice.
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