Vanessa Vixon – Step Mom wants a Baby

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Vanessa Vixon – Step Mom wants a Baby
“Oh come on Frank. A mother senses things. You’ve been a little different recently, and I think you have a girlfriend.” Frank’s eyes wandered past Tasha’s t-shirt clad boobs, but then refocused on her eyes.

“Why don’t you sit back down, Frank.” They both resumed sitting at the kitchen table, Frank feeling like he was about to be hung at the gallows.

“All three of my girls have been walking around in great moods and disposition, and even though Ashley is always bubbly, she’s been downright sickening in her good moods in recent days. Even Vanessa has been sending me uncharacteristically happy text messages!” Frank knew why.

“Now Frank I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the truth. Have you had anything to do with the recent upward swings of moods my daughters have experienced recently?” With a resigned sigh, Frank tore his gaze from the window and looked at the tabletop between them and nodded.

“Frank. I’m not angry with you. Do you understand?” With confusion written all over his features, Frank asked why she wasn’t.

“So, son, what do you think of your mother now?” Frank looked up at Tasha to see her smile and her intent gaze, and decided to ask about the bond.

“The same thing was true for me and my siblings. I and your aunt and uncle were triplets.” His mother got up from the chair and stood by the window, glancing over at Frank when she spoke, “I think the bond between you and your sisters comes from sharing my womb together. Nine months of being so close together within me.” Unconsciously Tasha put a hand on her belly, as though remembering being pregnant.

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Frank got up from the table and went over to his mother’s side, and gently placed his hand on his mother’s flat belly beside her own hand.

Speaking of feeding, Frank’s gaze was drawn to his mother’s breasts, right above where his hand was touching her belly.
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