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Very Good
All too soon I got those familiar “I’m going to cum soon” feelings so I leant over and whispered in Karen’s ear “Where do you want me to cum this time?” Karen responded “In my pussy dad, it feels so good when you cum in my pussy. I love feeling your cock twitch inside of me.” I smugly asked “Oh; doesn’t it feel this good with your boyfriend?” Karen said “He never fully cums inside me, its always on to my ass, my face, my tits, my tummy, even around the outside of my pussy but never deep inside like you dad. That’s why I love it when you fuck me.” With this I carried on fucking her hard and fast.

She said “Great, we have the house to ourselves for a bit.” When we got home Karen said she was off to freshen up, I asked her “Shall I join you?” Karen said “Why dad?” I answered “Well; you did say that you haven’t done it in the shower yet.” Karen said “Mmmm that sounds like fun, race you up there. But can we use your shower dad? As there is more room than the family one.” I answered “Yes sweetheart; that’s a good idea.” When I got upstairs Karen was already stripped and in the shower.

Susan responded “He seems to be a good guy, but there is still something there I don’t like about him, why doesn’t Karen get a boyfriend like Lisa has got?” I said “Well Karen likes him and from what I saw tonight he likes Karen. Be fair your parents don’t really like me but we haven’t done so badly ourselves. Let’s hope they are both as happy together as they seem to be, and why should Karen get a boyfriend like Paul? If she did he would not be safe with you around.” We then finished our drinks and went upstairs to bed, where we had a nice long loving cuddle before falling to sleep in each other’s arms.

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I said to Karen “We can’t take very long as its starting to get cold.” Karen replied “Yes dad I have got goose bumps already, it’s a good job that I am quite wet.” As I eased Karen’s ski suit down past her knees my hand came in contact with her wet thong.

Then as we got closer we clearly heard Lisa’s voice saying “Perhaps it is a good thing that this has happened.” Then we heard Karen saying “Why do you say that Lisa? I have just lost my baby” and then starting to cry.
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