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very sexy mom
OK, there are many real stories I have to tell you, let us again start from marriage of my mom and dad. My mom was from Hindu family and my dad is Christian.

As soon as my mom and dad proposed to get marry with each other, both my mom’s and dad’s family went against that and told strictly that they can not marry each other.

My mom very much loved us; she also thought to make our future bright.

Interviewer stood up from his chair and came near to my mom’s chair.

My mom is very nice and she was taking care of me and my sister in all best possible way during stay at our home in vacation.

We were use to come at home when we had long leave and vacation to enjoy with our mom, because my mom was spending good time with us.

Within no time I guessed it was from my mom’s bed room.

My dad had put his head in between her legs seating on floor and my mom was standing and kept her legs apart, so that my dad can approach her cunt.

My dad ate away my mom’s cunt this way for all most half an hour and mom was scream and groaning loudly.

OHHH Mom, how sexy and slut mom you are, I am craving to fuck you, when I shall be able to fuck you.

Mom come to me I definitely give heavenly pleasure of big dick.

My mom got fucked wildly with pussy eating and dildoing for continuous two hours.

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Mom continued for another fifteen minutes, I was touch her inner body part pretenting that I am doing unknowingly in sleep.

Mom told me let us wake up now, it is enough, I told her no mom keep doing I like that.

My mom’s micro bikini helped me lot for fantasizing about my mom.

My idea has worked, she stood up keeping TV on so that I feel that Mom watching TV. I kept my eyes close, I was knowing that mom shall peep inside of my bed room, that came true, I had seen that she was standing beside the door, I closed my eyes and started stroking my 10 inch long dick.

Mom said OK. I was shocked that mom is one prostitute and my dad is her agent.

Mom had slammed main door and abused my dad that what kind of customer, he is sending who doesn’t know how to fuck slut like my mom.

Ohhhhhhhhhh no, how sweet beautiful son you are, you know that what your mom wants.

Mom you are just great slut, how you decorated your cunt to please your customer.
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