Victoria Crack me up interrracial fuck

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Victoria Crack me up interrracial fuck
One of them began massaging my head while the others two were beginning massaging each feet.

Wow feel so gooooodd !! After a moment the one massaging my head took some gel to make my hair style.

I’m growing quite the boner, but I don’t feel ashamed, I’m once again proud of it.

What a sight !! And them massaging it … My god !! Two of them goes back to massaging my boobs while the last one is massaging my penis.

“Good !! Don’t hold back !!” They began massaging faster and then : “Aaaaaaaahhhh yyyyyyyyeeeeeessss !!!” And I cum a lot !! I never saw so mutch cum !! It felt so good !! We are literally covered in my cum.

Then I think back to what happened during my massage and I don’t feel guilty or anything, I feel like it had to happen.

It’s like my memory didn’t do her justice ! She said : “Hey beautiful !” mmmhh that voice “Hey Skylar ! How do you feel ?” “Amzing, the bath was awesome ! You ?” “The same !! The massage wasn’t bad either !!” I said chuckling !! “I bet ! So …” “Yeah !” “How do you feel about you being modify and everything ?” I said sitting down, Skylar beside me.

I feel complete ! Breaking the kiss she said : “You’re an awesome kisser. By the way we are both sterile so don’t worry about protection !” I kissed her back and I began to feel my cock reacting to all this making out.

Wow !! Never saw anything like that !! I then pull back slowly my hand from her vagina and lick it clean.

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“Wow !! I feel like I’m in heaven !! And you are my own goddess of love !” Wow, I’m so happy ! I think my smile can’t be any bigger !! Then she say : “I love you Alex !!” “I love you too Sky !” I lay beside her, she’s playing with my hair, carressing the tattoos that I have on my head. I feel so relax, calm … All thanks to her and Victoria.

I’m caressing her hair to say it’s ok if she doesn’t take everyting but then … I feel her nose on my stomach.

Oh god !! I feel the head of my cock teasing her vagina then she slowly sits on it !! The feeling and the view make me lightheaded ! I feel that I’m at the end of her vagina and already 10′ are in her.
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