Vida Valentine and Atomic Gdog

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Vida Valentine and Atomic Gdog
Harry grabbed Ginny and spun her around so she was lying on the bed and Harry was on top.

Hermione had been holding the box and screamed, “Harry it glowed just now.” Harry took the box from her and examined it carefully.

” Harry spoke up just as Snape finished, “so there is only one Horcrux we have to worry about, it belonged to Ravenclaw, and it’s in the school?” Snape bowed his head and Harry took it as a yes.

Harry did not eat much with the idea of horcruxes floating in his head. “Listen,” Harry spoke out of nowhere “I need to speak to you guys. I want to speak to you out by the lake for some privacy” They stood up and left out of the great hall, thru the front doors and made their way down to the lake where Harry relayed his dream to them.

Harry looked at Ginny and she just smiled again, “I invited them along to. I also invited someone else but I guess she isn’t coming.” Before Harry could ask whom, Luna, Neville and Hermione Stripped down.

Harry had an idea and bent over to Ron to tell him, “We need to pocket some of out potions. That way we can take the form of Slytherins and search their rooms for the Horcrux Draco had.” Harry whispered to Hermione to take some potion also.

Harry opened the door and, “WHAM” Harry’s Victories Harry fell flat on his back by the impact of something hitting him.

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Harry Took out his wand and yelled, “Now” Harry jumped sideways and shot whatever curses came to his head at the death eaters while receiving his fair share.

“Silly boy, I am not alive so there for can not be killed. Harry was lost; he could not kill what is not alive. Harry just started shooting off curses toward Voldemort and most of them, blocked as if they did not exist. Harry was the target of a curse, which hit him in the ribs, and he felt them break on impact. Harry grabbed his sides and looked up at Voldemort. Harry lifted his wand,”Sectumsempra” Harry could see Voldemort open up with cuts all over but there was a problem.
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