Vixen Eva Lovia’s most intense scene

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Vixen Eva Lovia’s most intense scene
There were no windows in the room that my maker, Eva and her sister Annie had fucked mere hours ago as only us immortals could.

Her horniness bled into my mind and mixed in with Eva’s jealousy it brought my 10″ vampiric dick to full erection, Annie moaned softly as it brushed her already swollen clit.

Eva still had her arms over my shoulders, she had been massaging my chest and watching us both in the confines of our minds.

Eva leant forward towards my mouth and wrapped her tongue around my fangs, massaging my tongue as she did.

Annie paused her slow bouncing on my cock to fondle both her sister’s nipples and Eva arched her back and let out another animalistic growl, her fangs extended further and her eyes flashed red, as luminous as her sister’s were earlier.

As Annie bounced on my cock with her momentum slowly building, Eva slapped her sister’s hands away from her nipples, tore her mouth away from mine and assaulted her sister’s pussy lips with her tongue.

Eva shouted out and gushed over the sheets and my arm, her legs convulsed and she collapsed, shaking like her sister.

“Get up Robbie” whispered Eva, “it is time I taught you to hunt.

” “You must choose your target carefully Robbie, although every mortal can sustain us, some can repulse you with their taste, some can even make you sick, although none can kill you just from drinking” Eva breathed.

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Bondage breeding leaves her shaking

Eva slid her fingernail into the glass, which held for only a second under her immortal strength, she lifted the latch deftly, neither the latch nor the glass breaking made a sound louder than a cat’s mew and the occupants were busy inside anyway.

Eva whispered to me “fuck her if you wish, she will only satisfy you with her blood, but if you wish for her mutual pleasure do so.

We stood there for a moment, examining our prey but our appraisal was cut short by Eva, who darted across the room and grabbed the boy by the neck and lifted him out from under the cheating Hannah.

Hannah opened her mouth to scream as she watched Eva choke her lover and I clamped a hand over her mouth.

At the sight of her own pussy being fucked mercilessly from behind by my cock Eva lost control and came with such force I was overwhelmed with the flow of ecstasy and came deep into her cervix.
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