Vixen hot Student Fucks Teacher

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Vixen hot Student Fucks Teacher

“Good, Black girl, drop your pants and panties and White girl, get down and let your friend pee in your mouth.” “Damn!” the Black girl exclaimed.

Petrina rose up, wrapping her arms around the girls hips as her head disappeared beneath the girls skirt.

“Umm, she’s almost as good a cunny sucker as my cousin!” A delicious shudder went through the new girl, “Her tongue is agile. I bet she’s sucked some girl’s cunt before.” “Oh she has,” moaned Fernie.

A plain looking red-head lifted her skirt and shoved her pussy in the Black girl’s face and she just started lapping at the plain girl’s clit.

A second girl joined the blue-haired girl sucking on the jocks cock.

One girl’s blouse was open and a load of cum splashed on her tits and the other girl bent down, licking cum off her friend’s tits while the other guy shot his load into her hair and cheek.

An Asian girl and a White girl were sixty-nining on the floor.

Some of the girls had changed partners, Addison was tribbing with an Asian girl on the floor.

In the shower, a daisy chain of five girls formed, and I watched while two girls took turns sucking on my cock.

The girls in the daisy chain formed a circle, each girl sucked on someone’s cunt while another girl sucked on her pussy.

“Today, you’re getting your cherry popped. There were still two periods left and just because I found my virgins, didn’t mean I was ready to go. There were plenty more girls to fuck, I thought with a smile. I saw my pee slut heading into the bathroom, followed by Maya, the conservatively dressed girl. I check in on them and found Petrina happily drinking her pee in a bathroom stall and Maya happily getting her sloppy cunt eaten out by Petrina.”She’s the best,” Maya moaned.

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In a health class, the girls got a very detailed lesson on male anatomy and every girl in the class got to suck on my cock for a minute and then I finished up in the cutest girl’s cunt.

There were two more girls than boys, and so they learned all about tribbing and how sweet it was to cum on another girls cunt.
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