Watching sex from behind door and getting excited

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Watching sex from behind door and getting excited
The car had been sitting in the hot sun all day and when my father and I got in we were roasting, so I opened a few buttons on my dress, I also wanted to tease my father some more.

My father wanted to talk with some of the food court managers to make sure it would not be a problem with them.

My mother said come on and grabbed my fathers hand, we got to be a work early tomorrow.

My mother picked out a fairly conservative suit, I told my father to select one for me.

My mother had dinner ready when I got home and she and my father were naked.

My mother finally said yes, but remember you leave early and you will be with you father.

After a while my father and mother put on their show and we all watched.

Heather went over to my father and it was not long after they got together and my father was fucking her.

The first time I had sex with my father, I also had sex with my mother.

My father told me he would stay and that I should go visit granddad. He said take the car and pickup some dinner for him.

Kendra slide down and wrapped her legs around her father, then positioned his cock at her pussy and he started to push it in to her.

Kendra slept with her father and I had her bed to myself.

Then my father came by to see what my plans were for the day where he saw me naked.

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Roberta then said what about Bill, your father, looking at Heather.

If everyone remembers I had sex with my brother and have been teasing my father in my robe.

Amber asked my parents if she could be part of their show today and she asked my father to fuck her while she ate my mother.

My mother looked at my father expecting him to say something and all he said is it must be a phase that she is going through.

My mother came in to talk with me while my father went for a shower.

Once my father was hard, which did not take very long, I pulled my mother over to him and had her straddle him.

As my mother rose up, my father’s cock came out of her so I grabbed it and shoved it in to my mouth and sucked on it, then asked my mother if she wanted to change positions.
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