Wife and The Babysitter

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Wife and The Babysitter
Tina had her friend follow her home, already planning on having her watch Elizabeth again, so she could have fun with Jennifer again.

Jennifer almost jumped out of the chair when she heard Tina, quickly looking back at the woman.

Jennifer kept her eyes on Tina, as the woman quickly walked towards her.

Tina walked up behind Jennifer, looking at the video playing on the computer.

Tina then looked down at Jennifer, contemplating on what to do with her now.

“So what do you have to say for yourself slut?” Tina yelled, still trying to figure out what she was going to do to Jennifer.

Tina looked down at the flailing teenager, laughing to herself at Jennifer’s helplessness.

Tina dropped the paddle and handcuffs on the bed, and grabbed Jennifer’s legs, pulling the girl towards her.

Tina pulled Jennifer off of the bed, and retrieved the handcuffs.

Tina raised the paddle one more time, bringing it down harder across Jennifer’s ass.

Tina noticed Jennifer trying to push her pussy into her hand, quickly pulling her hand away.

Tina retrieved the paddle again, laughing at Jennifer’s plea, “What’s the matter slut, I told you that you were going to learn your lesson.” She looked at the girl’s reddened ass, admiring her handy work, raising the paddle in the air, and bringing it down hard across the girl’s bare ass.

Tina rubbed the paddle over the girl’s reddened ass, knowing Jennifer was experiencing a lot of pain, but didn’t feel much remorse for the girl.

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Tina tossed the paddle onto the bed again, and moved behind Jennifer, looking at her blistered ass.

Jennifer looked over her shoulder at Tina, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Tina quickly took the handcuffs off of Jennifer, and rolled the girl onto her back.

Jennifer had no idea what Tina meant by that, but figured it would involve her being humiliated by the older woman.

Tina moved back up Jennifer’s body after securing the girl’s ankles, still straddling her and facing the headboard.

“Time for my slut to please me,” Tina moaned, grabbing Jennifer’s hair and pulling the girl’s face into her pussy.

Jennifer let out a surprised gasp when her face was forced into Tina’s pussy, her nose pushing against the woman’s oversized clit.
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