Wife Rides Until She Squirts

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Wife Rides Until She Squirts
All the while my cock has become rock hard so I put peanut butter all over it and offer it to you to lick it off.

Once you finished cleaning off my cock I’ll untie your legs put them over my shoulders and ram my hard cock into your pussy and pump it deep inside you til you cum all over it.

Then………. Next I’ll start making a hot bubble bath, once ready I’ll call you into bathroom where I’ll be waiting to give your pussy a douching and your butt an enima so both holes are nice and clean later for me to push my cock into, more on that later.

Now I’ll have you turn around and sit between my legs, of course you feel my hard cock on your backside, then I’ll slowly wash your front side from behind.

I start pumping my cock slowly in and out of you, after a while as I’m ready to blow my load into you I start pumping faster and harder then all of a sudden my cocks squirts it’s sperm deep into your cleanly douched pussy.

I tell you to spit all over to get it nice and slippery now I walk around behind you get on my knees and push my cock into your waiting asshole, I grab your hips and start pulling you onto my cock as my cock pumps in and out your ass.

Little do you know your leather skirt has an opening in the back and before you sit down I unzip my pants pull my hard cock out so you can sink your wet pussy onto it.

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Now since we in public place all you can do is relax and feel my cock throb inside you.

As we talk about small stuff, I wisper in your ears what I’m gonna do with you after you get home for the day you can’t handle it and slowly start to grind your pussy on my throbbing cock.

Coffees are done now and you pull yourself off my cock as I put my cock back in my pants and zip up.

I say to myself “Too sexy to pass up”, so I grab your calves, left your legs up and out as you unzip my pants and pull my throbbing cock out I push myself into your wet pussy and pump you for a few strokes.

As you bend over to reach in I lift the back of your skirt and ask “Which hole do you want it in?” so now I push my cock into the hole you choose and pump it hard, deep and fast to cum inside you before we get caught.
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