Woman fingered in middle of Train

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Woman fingered in middle of Train
My hands moved slowly down her body, on her bare waist, then her tight, firm ass, clad in that thin, soft, tight dress.

As Amisha looked on, I slowly and deliberately dropped Rati’s soft, transparent palloo down in on the table in front of her and started licking up her bare spine starting close to her ass and moving up slowly.

Then moving my hands to front I grabbed hard with one big hand between her legs, at the same time pressing my hard rod on her ass, my hard long cock pressing right between her ass cheeks on her tight ass crack forcing it open.

Pressing my hard cock on her ass I started humping her, dry fucking her ass making her go, “Oh God, I am so wet” and then “Please, my pussy is ruining my saree with the juices, fuck me please.” In reply I just licked her ear and gave her another thrust of my hard cock on her ass, “Aaaah, please master, please fuck me now.” She begged.

“Ok, ok, tell you what, whoever has the tighter ass”.

I pushed in again and my right middle fingers got buried to the hilt in Rati’s tight ass but Amisha’s young tight ass still too tight to go in so deep.

“Ok, Amisha wins, she does have the tightest ass.

Grabbing Amisha’s soft, perfectly round shoulders, I pushed in and 2 inches of my hard thick cock entered her hot little ass, “Ungggghghhhh! Ahh, sir!” She moaned and grunted.

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I pulled out an inch and pushed harder, penetrating her tight ass deeper, Rati, getting all hot watching Amisha’s cute face getting distorted as she got her ass fucked for the first time.

Then with a really hard strokes I buried my throbbing hard cock all the way deep into her ass and she screamed, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, please sir! Have mercy on me!” In response, I pulled out half of my throbbing cock and pushed in harder, my wet cockhead reaching so deep into her tight ass.

“Oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, please!” I continued fucking her in a nice in and out rhythm, her young tight body so soft and perfumed under me as I rammed her ass with my thick hot cock.
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