World of Gumball Parody: Nicole Watter son Selfcest

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World of Gumball Parody: Nicole Watter son Selfcest
My dad Had knocked on my My Bedroom door, yelling that it was a big day, and that I had to get up.

For some reason the warm water and the thought of my dad reaching into the shower to hand my a cloth was turning my on.

My dad then licked up my neck and rolled his tongue around in my right ear.

My dad then turned his back to the wall holding me tight against his body and fist fucking my young dick as if it were his own.

My dad’s room was lit by candles and the covers on his bed were neater than they had ever been since my mom left.

The note read, “Danny, Happy Birthday. The box contains the keys to your Gift.” Before I could read the last two words on the paper, my dad had filled the doorway and said them for me.

My dad came over to the bed, his dick was fully erect.

My dad’s eyes glowed in the shimmer of the candle lit room.

Dad stopped licking me and he took one of my nut into his hot mouth.

Dad reached down and took hold of his cock and stroked it.

” want to fuck your dad’s ass” he said, I was shocked but in a good way.

Dad asked me how his ass felt, and I was focused on my thrusts too hard to answer.

My dad wrapped his arms around me and and called my name.

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Dad came down the stairs and pulled two warm plates from the oven.

” Well son,” my dad said, “I was in that room. He explained to me that jake started feeling on him while he was at the grill and he was drinking a bit so he just let it happen. so the plan was for jake to pretend to be drunk and go up to the guest room.”Wait what do you mean pretend to be drunk?” I asked.

My dad told me that jake told him about my curiosus moment and how he didn’t want to throw out the plan.

My dad whent on saying that mom had known that I was gay and was waiting to catch me in the act.

Carlos didn’t know that I had my own car now so when he saw the white Mercedes™ parked in the front, he thought it was my dad’s car that I always drove when I came out.

My dad wasn’t home and I was kind enough to call him and let him know I had someone over via text.

My dad started to undress and We were both ready to taste the dark meat of my friend’s erection.
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